I first met Reese Carson in May of 2014, when I called him from Colorado wanting to know if he would show me some houses during an up and coming visit to Las Cruces.  I only had Reese’s name because he was the listing agent on one of the houses I was interested in, and he was the first agent to return a call to me in a timely manner!  What a stroke of luck for me.

Over a three-day period, Reese must have shown me at least 15 houses, none of which were suitable to my needs.  For several reasons, I went home believing I would never live in Las Cruces.  My correspondence with Reese dwindled, even though he was diligent to keep communications open with me. I just thought Las Cruces was out of the picture, so I quit responding to his emails.

Thus, I thought it was quite extraordinary that eighteen months later, when I sent him an email saying that my husband and I were going to pursue moving to Las Cruces once again that Reese was so prompt and courteous in his response. We met after the Thanksgiving holiday in 2015, and once again, he had to show me umpteen houses over three days.  Nothing fit our needs. We parted company thinking that we had struck out again. The evening before we were to return to our home in Colorado, my husband and I found one last home we wanted to see, but Reese was now out of town. When we contacted him, he actually returned to Las Cruces from the ranch just to show us one last home. The result was that we put a contract on that home.

Reese worked so hard on that contract, as there were major repair issues with the home, and we had the contingency of the sale of our home in Colorado.  Reese exhibited great expertise in writing the contract to make sure that our interests and rights were protected every step of the way, especially since we tendered $5000 earnest money.  You would think that would be the end of the story, but not so.  We began encountering some issues, not associated with the house we were purchasing, per se, but issues that were making the purchase less desirable.  Our number one issue was that we own horses and we were coming up zero on finding a place to keep the horses.  Although it was not necessary for him to pursue this problem, Reese even tried to find us a boarding facility, to no avail.  So, in February we placed a difficult call to Reese and asked if we could back out of the contract and still retain our $5000.  That was one of the most difficult calls I have ever had to make.  I fully expected Reese to part company with me and my husband at that point; he had worked so hard on the contract and put so much time into the effort, but he was an utter gentleman and said he would get to work on it.  We agreed to return to Las Cruces within the week to start a new house hunt.

The rest of the story:  We are now sitting in our beautiful home in Mesilla Park, thanks to Reese’s commitment to us and his diligence in understanding our needs.  We sent him looking for the impossible:  horse property that was within our budget, with a house we loved—–and a master bedroom closet big enough to suit me!  Reese did the impossible, because he thought outside the box and did not limit his search to known properties.  He started making calls to all his contacts and found a home in Mesilla Park that had been off the market for a year.  He showed us the home, we fell in love and here we are.

That hardly tells the whole story though.  This was also an intricate contract to write, as it involved well ownership and irrigation rights.  Without Reese’s knowledge of the complex issues regarding water rights and registration (and Clay at Southwestern Title doing the right research) we would not have been able to accomplish the registration of our water rights and well ownership with the New Mexico Office of Engineers today.  I had to produce a copy of our purchase agreement, as they were looking for that one statement on the purchase agreement:  “Seller conveys all water rights…..”  Had Reese not had the knowledge regarding farm properties and water rights, we would have been up the proverbial creek today.

Finally, I really need to sing his praises in general.  Reese is the best realtor with whom my husband and I have ever had the pleasure of doing business.  He is knowledgeable, courteous, responsive, understanding and patient.  I believe I have won Reese’s award for being the woman to whom he has shown the most houses in his entire career!  He has made my husband and I feel welcome in Las Cruces and we truly hope that a friendship will continue after the sale.

I close by saying I hope you know what a true gem Reese Carson is.


Laura and Michael Koontz